Individualized and interdisciplinary diagnosis and therapy


Our team is made up of specialists in various fields (LINK! Engl. HP). All of them conjoin university-level medical expertise with long years of experience in preventive medicine and medical treatment. What is special about our concept is the close cooperation between our doctors and their interdisciplinary consultation on findings. The professors and specialists discuss their views and offer immediate second opinions. This eliminates long waits and tedious travelling from one expert to the next. An extremely precise and coordinated diagnosis is made possible in a very short time.

We view modern medicine as a very personal matter. That’s why we devote plenty of time to getting to know you and advising you in detail on your medical concerns. Your personal situation forms part of the diagnostic data and is also taken into consideration in planning the right treatment.


  • Individualized and interdisciplinary
  • Flexible and effective planning of examinations
  • On-site competence network
  • High-quality facilities & state-of-the-art equipment (Siemens, GE, Olympus)
  • Wealth of experience offered by German professors and specialists
  • Independent second opinion by on-site experts



Always the best of care


In addition to the doctors working in the clinic, we also collaborate with numerous partners from various sectors. These include laboratories, catheter labs, clinics, surgeons and certified specialists. All are fully independent and are called in only as needed depending on the respective findings. In close consultation with the patient, we arrange for optimal and timely follow-up treatment.



Comprehensive, modern and high-precision


Our medical center boasts top-grade technological equipment. This includes a cutting-edge 3 Tesla MRI scanner by Siemens, a low-dose CT scanner, and 3D and 4D ultrasound systems from GE. In the clinic’s in-house gastroenterological department, endoscopic examinations of the gastrointestinal tract are carried out with the latest equipment. This not only makes exams much more pleasant but also as safe as possible.

On request, we also offer online consulting and telemedical care. This means we can advise our clients once they return home or if they are occupied in other locations.